Ways of ordering your repeat medication

We can no longer accept prescription requests over the telephone.

How much can I order?

The standard order for medication is a months worth. If you are going on holiday for an extended time and will run out of medication, we may be able to provide two months worth. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide a maximum of three months worth.

How long after ordering will I receive my medication?

You will be able to collect your prescription/medication 2 working days after ordering it. If you run out of medication and need it the same day you must contact a receptionist as early as possible to enable enough time to try and sort this out.

Hospital discharge

If you have been discharged from hospital or have been seen in a clinic at the hospital and they are requiring a new medication/change of medication for you, we cannot process this until we have a clinic letter. If you bring in a letter with the medication details we can get the medication sorted. It will take 2 working days to process like all other prescription orders.

Electronic prescription service (EPS)

The electronic prescription service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

To register for the EPS, please complete our Register for the Electronic Prescription Service form. For more information, please visit our Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) page.